The JCK 2015 Trend Report

From endless showrooms featuring the most cutting-edge jewelry, to a diamond-studded electric guitar, this year’s JCK Las Vegas had it all. JCK is always one of the biggest jewelry events of the year, and the Tapper’s team was fortunate to get a first look at some of the most fashion-forward designs on the market—you’ll see them in our stores coming soon. But even before these new items become available, here are the upcoming trends to watch out for…

Trend 1: Stackable Rings


Everywhere we looked, stackable rings were taking center stage. Layered jewelry has been popular for a while now, and this trend just takes it to the next level. Nowadays, engagement and wedding rings are even becoming stackable.

Get the delicate, stylish look by stacking up rings like this 14K Gold Diamond Stack Ring by TJ Today.

Trend 2: Baguette Cut


In this case, baguettes aren’t a reference to that tasty French bread; we’re talking about baguette cut diamonds. Characteristically, baguette cut diamonds are rectangular and typically feature 14 or 24 step cut facets. These diamonds, which historically shined in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements, are making quite the comeback in modern jewelry.

Check out these diamond earrings with 10 baguette diamonds for a beautiful vintage-inspired look.

Trend 3: Collar Necklaces


A good collar necklace merges the boldness of a statement necklace with the sleek silhouette of a choker. Collars are about to make it big in the jewelry market. Not only are they very flattering for any woman’s neckline, but they also let your personality shine.

For a perfect combination of elegance and fun, discover Marco Bicego’s collar necklace from his Lunaria Collection.

Trend 4: Wearable Technology

Wearables are a hot topic when it comes to today’s fashion. Name a piece of jewelry or item of clothing, and you can bet that the technology gurus are already working on a way to make it “smart.” From smart watches, to trendy fitness tracking jewelry, there are already a lot of options out there, and more to come in the near future.

Trend 5: Rubies


Rubies are pegged to be this fall’s superstar gemstone, and for good reason. The luxurious rich red complements traditional autumn colors beautifully and brings a pop of color to any outfit. Fall may still be a few months away, but’s not too soon to start thinking ahead.

These diamond and ruby and diamond pendant necklace will be the perfect complement to your leather boots and oversized sweaters.

In the fast-paced world of fashion, trends come and go in the blink of an eye. JCK Las Vegas is always the place to get a sneak peek of what’s ahead, and to shop for unique items for the coming seasons. We’re looking forward to next year!