Tapper’s sources diamonds from around the world, cutting out the middleman to PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO YOU! Tapper’s also directly manufactures your jewelry, so you will see a 20-40% SAVINGS compared to similar designer options.


1. Mining
The beauty of a diamond starts with the quality of the rough crystal. We work to select the best and clearest rough to produce the most brilliant diamonds. Tapper’s is proud to adhere to the regulations and principles set forth in the Kimberley Process ensuring that our diamonds originate from conflict-free sources.

2. Cutting
After we mine our diamonds, they go directly to our master cutters who cut for beauty and not weight. Did you know that 80% of the world’s diamonds are cut for weight and not beauty? Tapper’s cuts diamonds to maximize their beauty and sparkle.

3. Light Performance
At Tapper’s, we go one step further than most jewelers in helping our guests distinguish the world’s most beautiful diamonds with our light performance technology.

4. Manufacturing
Our factories use advanced manufacturing and setting techniques to create a diamond ring that will last a lifetime.

5. Your DREAM RING is ready for you


The Rapaport Diamond Report was created to estimate diamond prices and is used as a guideline only. These prices may be substantially higher or, in some rare cases, lower than the actual market value of a diamond. When the Rap Report is used as a selling tool, it depicts wholesale pricing, which can be misleading and lead to paying a premium price. Regardless of Rapaport pricing, Tapper’s is confident that we provide the most competitive prices, which is why we continue to offer Tapper’s 110% Best Diamond Price Guarantee*. Please ask if you would like us to further explain the Rap Report.



*We guarantee our loose diamond prices to be the best, anywhere. If, within 30 days, you find a better price for the same like quality loose diamond with an equivalent laboratory-grading certificate, we will refund you 110% of the difference. 

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