Emerald is more than just a color—it's an experience. They have a way of imbuing their wearer with an aura of cool confidence that radiates from within. 
Emeralds are all about their rich, deep green color that evokes relaxation and renewal—the perfect way to reflect on what you've accomplished over the past year and look forward to the future. They signify rebirth, making them a glamourous, meaningful gift for graduates, new parents, or to mark the beginning of the next chapter. That's why emeralds make lovely engagement rings. They are the traditional gem of the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries and May's birthstone too!

As some of the world's most beloved gems, emerald is undoubtedly a symbol of regeneration, true love, wealth, and sophistication. And while this remarkable stone has been treasured for centuries, the story of this green jewel is still unfolding.

Emeralds reign from the beryl family of minerals, known for producing some of the most sought-after gemstones, including aquamarine, morganite, goshenite, heliodor, and yellow beryl. Red beryl, sometimes referred to as bixbite or scarlet emeralds, are some of the rarest gems of all. Beryls exist as hexagonal-shaped crystals and come in a full spectrum of hues from colorless to pink, red, blue, brown, black, and the most coveted shade—classic green.

The beauty of an emerald lies in clarity and color. The most desirable emeralds are pure green to bluish-green, with vivid color saturation and tone that's not too dark or too light. Prized emeralds are transparent, evenly saturated, and free of inclusions, cloudiness, and color-zoning. If the stone is too yellow or too blue, the emerald is classified as a different variety of beryl altogether and valued accordingly.

It's not uncommon for a natural emerald to have surface-reaching fractures that are sometimes filled to reduce their visibility and improve clarity. These substances have varying degrees of stability, and the volume of filler material can range from nominal to significant amounts. Lab-created emeralds won't have this type of treatment, making them a little bit harder and more durable for daily wear. Natural emeralds should be cared for as precious jewels and not worn around chemicals or heat.

Mineral Beryl
Chemistry Be3Al2Si6O18
Color emerald green
Refractive Index 1.577 to 1.583
Birefringence 0.005 to 0.009
Specific Gravity 2.72
Mohs Hardness 7.5 to 8 
Emeralds exhibit double refraction, meaning they refract light in two different ways. This causes them to display two distinct color patterns, usually a green primary body color with a bluish-green secondary color, which adds to their visual beauty.

Mesmerizing. Alluring. Irresistible.
These magnificent stones have been enchanting people for thousands of years. As the gem of true love, emeralds are associated with the heart chakra. They promote emotional healing and physical well-being by calming the mind and encouraging better physical health by creating a more harmonious emotional state in the body. They also enable greater concentration and better spiritual intuition. Legend says that placing an emerald under the tongue reveals the truth and makes one an eloquent speaker.

Emeralds are the ultimate gemstone, intimately associated with the romance of legendary couples like Cleopatra and Marc Antony. It is a symbol of good fortune, youth, balance, growth, peace, and foresight that has transcended centuries. It is still worn in celebration of friendship and hope. Since antiquity, emeralds have been associated with royalty and remain mystical treasures believed to protect their wearer from harm. Those who adorn themselves with emeralds are said to be able to predict the future, and if you find yourself dreaming about them, it means you'll soon be going on a journey.
If Cleopatra were alive today, we think she'd still be wild about these remarkable gemstones. No matter how big or small, celebrate your accomplishments and reflect on your story this May. From their poetic disposition to their beautiful green color, emeralds are ideally suited to honor the season.

As we emerge from a long winter, their rich green hues suggest soothing, lush gardens and remind us that beauty is unfolding all around us. Emeralds are nature's way of celebrating the quintessential color of life during springtime: a radiant green that matches everything in your wardrobe and will make your friends green with envy (sorry, we had to).

Actually, we take it back. Don't be sorry. Be proud! You deserve to buy yourself a beautiful emerald that celebrates who you are and where you're at in life right now. May's emeralds glow perfectly against the backdrop of spring, sparking renewal and fresh conversations as the world blooms around us. The color of royalty, this majestic hue is as regal as it is luxurious. And we can't help but be reminded of how impossible it is to tire of this luxuriant, verdant gem.

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