Create a Personal Connection

At Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, our expert jewelers do far more than clean, polish, and repair broken bands. We can also help you to create a truly personal connection with your jewelry or timepiece. One of the most personal ways you can customize jewelry is with engraving.

Tapper’s expert craftsmen are highly skilled at personalizing business gifts, watches, and jewelry using custom engraving for clients throughout the Detroit area. Not only do we perform the best expert hand engraving, we also offer the precision of machine engraving using the very latest technology available. Whether it’s a special pen-and-pencil set, a unique bracelet or locket, or a master-crafted Swiss timepiece, engraving it with a personal message will give it special meaning that lasts.

Machine Engraving

The process of machine engraving offers the ultimate in precision and detail. Performed with a special diamond-tipped probe, it can be done on a variety of metals and forms a permanent message inscribed directly onto the surface. It offers superior precision and a clean look.

TThe only limitations when it comes to machine engraving is an item’s size. There are multiple typefaces available for machine engraving, and it typically takes about 7 business days to complete. The exact number and size of characters and the fonts available depends on the size of the item being engraved.

Hand Engraving

The art and skill involved in hand engraving an heirloom has become increasingly hard to find. With hand engraving, metal is etched by hand using specialized manual tools to create archival-quality lettering and designs.

As with machine engraving, an item’s size determines the style, size, and number of characters that can fit onto a piece. If you choose hand engraving, the process takes about 10 business days to complete.

If you’re looking for the very best in artisan and heirloom-quality etching and engraving services for your precious items, we’re here to help.

Stop in at any of our store locations or arrange an appointment with our service center at (248) 932-7700.