Spark'd  Forever Bracelets by Tapper's

Spark'd Forever Bracelets by Tapper's

What are Spark*d Forever bracelets?

Spark*d Forever Bracelets are custom fit, 14K gold bracelets that are welded together. There is no clasp and they should not require maintenance.

Even though they are considered permanent bracelets, they can be easily taken off with scissors if you so choose.

When can I get Spark’d?

Spark*d bracelets will be available

November 21 -23 -
Tapper’s Orchard Mall
November 25-26- Tapper’s Somerset Collection

Sparkd Bracelet Options

A. 14K yellow gold Singapore chain bracelet


B. 14K yellow gold pink enamel bead chain bracelet

C. 14K yellow gold Forzentina chain bracelet


Spark*d permanent jewelry is a custom fit 14k bracelet that is welded onto your wrist. It does not have a clasp and should not require any maintenance. Although we call it a permanent bracelet, it can easily be removed with scissors if needed. The Spark*d name refers to the spark that you see when the bracelet is welded onto your wrist.
You can get a Spark*d bracelet at our upcoming Fringe Jewelry event.

Saturday, June 25, and Sunday, June 26th at Tapper’s Somerset Collection
No! Appointments are not required, however, there may be a small wait. If you would like to make an appointment, you can do that HERE.
No! Although you will see a small spark when the bracelet is applied, it does not hurt.
No problem! You can cut it off with scissors at home or bring it to one of our locations for quick removal.

You can save the bracelet and get it spark*d on later.
No. At this time we are only offering Spark*d permanent bracelets.
Yes. You must be age 10 and older to get a spark*d bracelet welded on.
Yes. If you have a pacemaker, you should not have permanent jewelry welded to you.