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Incredible Journey

Journey diamond jewelry

LIFE IS A HIGHWAY, Tom Cochran once sang, and he was right. Along the way there are roadblocks, amazing sights, memorable people and unforgettable adventures. Just in time for the holidays comes the latest way to commemorate your own sojourn: Journey Diamond Jewelry. Consisting of four or more diamonds in graduated sizes, these pieces are intended to represent milestones in a couple's relationship. Journey Diamonds are a great opportunity to express love and commitment in a way that will remind your spouse or significant other of those magical moments for years to come.The best part is, you get to define your own important highlights along life's journey, whether it's a first date, first child or 25th anniversary. And if there isn't a special someone right now in your life, consider presenting yourself with a Journey necklace, bracelet or earrings to celebrate your own achievements: a memorable vacation, that Master's degree, or a spiritual awakening.You name it--the Highway of Life is just beginning.

Posted on 11/2/2006

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