Exceptionally Beautiful Diamonds

Exceptionally Beautiful Diamonds

Trade In, Trade Up!

Ready to upgrade your natural diamond? At Tapper’s, we know budgets, tastes, and trends change, and sometimes you’re looking to change up and upgrade the diamonds you wear every day.

Trade-in and upgrade your current natural diamond anytime and receive the full value* of your original purchase towards another diamond.

The trade in, trade up program is not currently available on lab grown diamond purchases

Full Value Guarantee: Enjoy the assurance of receiving the full value* of your original Tapper’s natural diamonds purchase towards your new upgraded diamond.

Upgrade Criteria: Your new diamond must be 1.5 times the value of your original purchase, exclusive of mounting costs.

Seamless Transition and Maximize Value: Seamlessly transition to a superior, more stunning diamond from our extensive collection without the hassle of selling your current stone elsewhere. Maximize the value of your original purchase by receiving the full value* towards your upgraded diamond, enabling you to enjoy the brilliance of a higher-tier stone.

Unmatched Quality: Explore an unparalleled collection of high quality diamonds to find the perfect upgrade that matches your evolving taste and style.

Lifetime Value: Continue to invest in exceptional diamonds, knowing that your trade-ins retain their value towards future upgrades.

Personalized Service: Receive expert guidance from our knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping you find the ideal diamond that reflects your unique preferences.


- Mark Tapper

*Mountings and labor are not included in the trade-in value. New diamond purchases must be at least 1.5 times the value of the original diamond purchase. Proper verification, including lab report and receipt of purchase, is required. 110% Best Price Guarantee is not available on trade-ins. Trade-in value will be applied to the retail price only and is not available on lab-grown diamonds or diamond jewelry.