As we enter the second half of the year, July resembles serenity and beauty, synonymous with the ruby birthstone. Since the beginning of history, rubies have symbolized success, wealth, and romance, and traditionally, celebrate 40th wedding anniversaries. Early cultures treasured rubies for their power and luck, crowning their kings and warriors. The variety of shades contribute to the gemstone’s rarity, creating alluring and attractive desire.
For Your Celebrations

Rubies are a sophisticated and timeless gemstone that embody passion, love, and commitment. Add a pop of color to the neckline or wear rubies close to your heart to remind you of the special person in your life. A ruby necklace as an anniversary or birthday gift is a great way to celebrate.


Valued for their individuality and variety of colors, rubies provide individuals with options to fit their lifestyle and uniqueness. Ruby rings are the perfect gift for any occasion and give daily moments of life the luxury it deserves.

For The Daily Luxuries
For Everyone

The complex structure and strength of rubies make them perfect for everyday wear. Include a colorful pair of huggie hoops or modern ruby studs in your earring stack for a pop of sophistication and beauty to any outfit.

Each moment in life is important and rubies are the best way to celebrate. Ruby gifts are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Their elegance and sophistication create a beautiful accessory for the many special moments in July.