Spreading Warmth and Cheers

Shamrock Shakes For Tapper's Annual Coat Drive Fundraiser

At Tapper's Jewelry, we know the power of giving back to our community. For nearly five decades, we've made a positive impact through various community initiatives. Yet, none are as impactful as our Annual Share the Warmth Coat Drive.
Throughout the year, Tapper's employees come together with various in-office fundraisers to support Tapper's Annual Coat Drive. Not only do these events raise needed funds but they also foster a sense of community spirit among our team.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the Tapper’s team gathered for our annual Shamrock Shakes fundraiser. Tapper's associates trade their usual work attire for jeans and splashes of green while enjoying delicious homemade mint-flavored milkshakes. It's a festive way to support our Coat Drive while celebrating the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.

Whether it's celebrating opening day for the Tigers or Ugly Sweater Day during the holidays, these fundraisers serve as a reminder of the importance of community engagement and philanthropy. Through these initiatives, we not only raise funds but also awareness, inspiring others to join us in making a difference.


As we reflect on the impact of our Coat Drive and the joy of office events like Shamrock Shakes, we are reminded of the profound difference that can be made when individuals and businesses come together for a common cause. Tapper's is grateful for the support of our employees, customers, and community partners who share our passion for giving back.

Share the warmth

About Tapper’s Annual Coat Drive

The vision for Coat Drive was born out of Howard Tapper's genuine concern for those in need within the Metro Detroit community. Witnessing the hardships faced by many during the winter months, Howard recognized the importance of providing warmth and comfort to those less fortunate. Since the beginning, the Coat Drive has grown exponentially, with over 100,000 coats spread across our community to date.
What sets Tapper's Coat Drive apart is our commitment to not only accepting coat donations but also providing brand-new winter coats through monetary donations. This dual approach allows us to maximize our impact and ensure that individuals facing adversity have access to high-quality outerwear, protecting them from the harsh elements.