The Cutlass Story:

Reuniting with the Past to Celebrate Tapper's Future

In 1977, Howard Tapper had a dream to open a jewelry store in Michigan. With determination and vision, he sold his beloved Cutlass to raise the funds necessary to open the very first Tapper's Jewelry store in Southfield, Michigan. This sacrifice marked the beginning of the story of Tapper’s Jewelry. Fast forward to 2023, Howard's son, Mark Tapper, embarked on a heartfelt mission to find that very Cutlass, a symbol of his father's dedication and the beginning of the Tapper’s Jewelry story.
The search for the Cutlass was not just a quest for a car but a journey through time, nostalgia, and the collective memory of Metro Detroit. Mark Tapper launched a series of radio ads, calling upon the community to help locate the car that started it all. The response was overwhelming. Messages flooded in, filled with leads, encouragement, and stories from people who remembered the early days of Tapper's Jewelry. The generous outpouring of support highlighted the deep bond between Tapper's and the community it serves.
As the leads narrowed down, we reached out to the community once again, asking for ideas on how to surprise Howard Tapper with this incredible piece of his past. The suggestions were heartwarming and creative, reflecting the love and appreciation the community holds for the Tapper family. Inspired by these ideas, we planned the perfect surprise day taking a trip down memory lane with the Tapper’s family.

A Son's Gift, A Father's Legacy

Watch the emotional moment of giving back the car that built a dream.
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The Cutlass Reveal

Back to the beginning

The day began with a nostalgic tour of Detroit, a city that holds countless memories for the Tapper family. The first stop was the original Tapper's Jewelry store location in Southfield, Michigan, where it all began. Standing there, Howard shared stories of the early days, the challenges overcome, and the support of the community that made it all possible.

Howard First Location
H S first House with Family
Journeying Home

Next, the family visited their old home in Detroit, a place filled with cherished memories. They reminisced about the laughter, the dreams, and the hard work that went into building not just a business, but a family legacy.

Roots of Success

The next stop was at the first home Howard and Susan Tapper owned together, a symbol of their love and partnership that laid the foundation for Tapper's success. Susan Tapper recalled the days of doing the first Tapper’s inventory on a table in the bedroom. The entire Tapper’s family pitched in from the very start, to help make Howard’s dream become reality.


First House with Family
In Car Pic
Unforgettable Joy

The tour concluded at the newest Tapper’s Jewelry location in Novi, Michigan. When the Tapper family pulled up, the Cutlass was parked out front. It was the same model that Howard had purchased and sold all those years ago. The look of astonishment and joy on his face was indescribable. It was a moment made possible thanks to the support of the Metro Detroit community.


We want to extend our heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped to make this special moment happen. Your support, stories, and suggestions were instrumental in creating a day that the Tapper family will cherish forever. It is your trust and loyalty that inspire us to continue serving you with the same dedication and passion that Howard Tapper had when he opened the first Tapper's Jewelry store in 1977.

Thank you, Metro Detroit, for being an integral part of the Tapper's story. Here's to many more years of making memories together. We also thank you for all of the time and energy that you took to make Mark’s dream of gifting Howard the Cutlass come to life.


A big thank you to Dave at A Dream Limousine, who contacted us to suggest a surprise tour of Detroit to reveal Howard's Cutlass. This idea beautifully incorporated nostalgia, making the event memorable for the Tapper family.